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We are in the process of restrucuring and relocating our soap and  herbal body care  production site. Many thing have changed in the last few years and we can no longer work the way we once did. 

As our many valued friends and faithfull customers we have never taken you for granted and never will. It is because of you we have the blessing and privilege of doing what we love. 

we are unsble to fulfill any orders at this time.

Watch for our come back.

Spring 2024

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When I planted my first seed over twenty years ago, I never imagined it would grow into such an abundant harvest. That one little seed sprouted and took root in my heart. My love of organic gardening and simple living blossomed and using my knowledge of healing plants I created a few simple soaps and salves for my family made with plants from my garden. I am now humbled and honored to share with you my life's work.

We tenderly care for and harvest our home grown roots and flowers, and using noWthing but the highest quality ingredients to create our products so that you too may enjoy the feel of healthy skin and beautiful scent. We invite you to explore our product catalog, learn more about us, and experience for yourself our fine products made with love, pride, respect and joy.

Warm Regards,
Jill J. Howard
Flower Child Herbs

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