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Meet the Parents, Carol and Gary

My parents have been an integral and invaluable part of my business, and of course in it "from the ground up".

Years ago when my interest in natural healing and medicinal plants peaked I would drag my parents along on the journey, literally! Other than my growing library of herbal publications there was no place to learn from and question the experts so I had to meet them where they were, which meant travel. Long before my herbal hobby grew into a business I would pack up my daughter and my parents and we hit the road. Our first trip was the the International Herb Symposium (1990 something) held in Massachusetts. Dad would take my little girl and spend time with her exploring historical sites while Mom and I attended the many classes and workshops. (My husband John, who you'll meet later) stayed behind to work and take care of the animals). We stopped at every out of the way farm we could that sold rare and hard to find plants so I could add them to my collection and have them to work with hands on. My parents helped build my garden, my first green house, my dad still grows all of our Calendula and makes the beautiful, golden infused oil, Mom sews every stitch of our aromatherapy packs and keeps our weekly receipts organized for the accountant. Converting an old house into my first workshop, opening my first store they were right there with hammer and nails. Their contribution continues in countless ways on a daily basis and they are my best friends.

Great Grandmother, Lydia

This is soap made by my Great Grandmother, Lydia, using fats harvested from the animals that were raised on the farm which is still owned and worked by a cousin to this day. In my Great Grandmothers time, you couldn't just stop what you were doing and run to the local super market to pick up a jug of laundry detergent...it didn't exist. This soap was used to clean everything from laundry, to floors, to children, it was made and used out of necessity. Today I am proud to be carrying on the tradition with respect and love. I am lucky to have in my position these pieces of ancient soap that were created by the hard working hands of my Grandma and proudly display them in my store.

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