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Q: Why are my body oils sometimes different colors?

A: Our ingredients are made by mother nature and can vary in color, for example; sometimes grape seed oil is very green and other times it can be more yellowish in color. This also is true for pure essential oils, patchouli is dark, thick and viscous where as lavender is pale, almost clear and very thin. Olive oil too can vary in color. Variety of grapes, region, temperature and moisture during growing season, all of these factors and more will produce oils that vary in color, but not quality.

Q: Sometimes I feel little "grains" in my body creams?

A: These little "grains" are nature shea butter. When melted and in liquid form of course they disappear and as the cream cools the molecules of the oils are attracted to each other again. Of course, this does not affect the quality of the product and is proof that we do not use chemical emulsifiers. These little "grains" are actually signs of a truly natural product and will melt again when rubbed into your warm skin.

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